Headaches are a pain in or around the head. They are often annoying and can be severe enough to affect your concentration and everyday living. The location of the headache and the way it persist can give us clues to what’s causing them.

There are several different types of headaches, including:

Headaches tend to have patterns worth investigating. A person’s physical activity, hydration, stress level and even time of month can give us clues to help the headaches. At Color Chiropractic we find that taking a holistic approach to headaches is the key to getting long lasting results. We treat your entire body, not just where it hurts. Factors relating to headaches can include: 

Poor neck posture 


Past traumas or accidents 

Stress associated with situations and circumstances 

Hormonal imbalances 

Environmental factors like perfumes 

Food sensitivities 

Dysfunction in the cervical spine 

Underlying disease or pathology (rare)

It’s important to note that the specific treatment approach used by a chiropractor will depend on the individual patient’s condition and needs. If you’re experiencing headaches, it’s a good idea to speak with a chiropractor or another healthcare professional to determine the best course of treatment for your specific needs.

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