“The Quality Of Your Questions Will Determine The Quality Of Your Life”. Our Commitment to Quality Is to always give you a Quality Answer.

To us ‘Color’ is ‘Life’! With our understanding of the health, healing and the human body, we know that people can have more vitality and vibrance by just adding chiropractic to their health approach.

The self-evident truth in allowing the body to properly communicate with itself and thus properly self regulate and self heal needed to be reminded to people: “The body needs no help, just no interference”.

Over the years we watched more and more people take medical interventions into their lives but get less and less results. It became obvious to us that the mainstream approach to ‘health’ did not lead to the ‘well-being’ that we envisioned. The crucial role of the nervous system and it’s role in communication from the brain to all systems of the body was being largely overlooked or downplayed by many reputable health professions.

Chiropractic in it’s purest form look for detect and correct any interference within the nervous system and allow the ‘power that made the body to heal the body.’

The Doctors are specifically trained to look at the body as a whole. Therefore, they will incorporate holistic treatments to your specific problem.  A Chiropractic examination will focus on helping you find either physical, nutritional or emotional imbalances to your problem.  If the doctors feel that holistic treatments can be done on the first visit, they will perform them to see how the body responds.  At the initial exam or proceeding visits the doctors will refine your care based on how your body is adapting to the holistic treatments.

Helping you get the best results is a process, but after the examination we will have a better idea of:

  • Whether we can help you?
  • What’s wrong with you?
  • How long will It take to get better?
  • How much will It cost?

What happens after your first adjustment is going to be largely determined by your body. Although results can vary, most of the patients at Color Chiropractic start noticing changes instantly

Feeling more relaxed

Feeling less pain in their area of complaint

More mobility

In follow up visits, patients also report that the Doctor’s advanced chiropractic care yields additional benefits that the patients weren’t expecting

Performing activities they haven’t been able to perform in years

Feeling less pain in areas other than what they came in for

Having a boost in energy

Better digestion

Feeling more at ease in stressful situations

Instead of having the body become dependent on medication, the doctors at Color Chiropractic focus on giving holistic treatments that help the body to do a lot of healing on its own. To track the healing process, they recommend periodic re-evaluations after a series of treatments to assess how the body is adapting. The Doctors find that individuals get the most long term resolution when they help patients develop a relationship with their health.

Often a normal ‘popping’ noise may coincide with certain forms of Chiropractic therapy. This is caused by the quick formation and release of gas bubbles in your joints due to a sudden shift in pressure. It is similar to how you may occasionally  crack your knuckles.  The popping noise is a result of a minute change in the joints.

At the same time, a popping noise is not necessary to indicate that a chiropractic adjustment was made.  We find that factors like leg length checks, muscle testing and freedom of movement are other indicators that show them that an adjustment has been made.  The Doctors may also use advanced Chiropractic techniques that incorporate adjustments using the chiropractic table, instrument adjusting, muscle release tools and even cold laser.  These are less invasive techniques that are extremely effective at taking pressure off the nerves and give your body the relief you’re looking for. Please consult with the Doctors for additional details.

The Bellingham Chiropractors at Color Chiropractic have a proud history of serving patients in Bellingham, Fairhaven and the surrounding communities. They are highly professional and the Doctors are always focused on building a relationship with you and your health.

Drs. Richard Tran and Michelle Hsu also work well with other practitioners in the community to ensure you are receiving the highest quality care. If your condition requires a team approach or is best helped by something other than their advanced chiropractic care, the Doctors will point you in the right direction to help you get the results you’re looking for.

We understand that taking a Chiropractic approach or even finding the right Doctor can be nerve racking. You may be asking yourself “How can I find the best Chiropractic care near me?”  or “There are so many Chiropractors in Bellingham, Fairhaven and the surrounding area.”  That’s why at Color Chiropractic, the Doctors offer A Free 15 min. consultation for you so can meet the Doctors, discuss your concerns and even perform some screening test to see if a holistic approach to Chiropractic therapy can benefit you.  

At Color Chiropractic we use holistic treatments that address different aspects of a person’s health.  The Doctors have Advanced Chiropractic care because their Chiropractic therapy is different from conventional medical care and even different from other Chiropractors in Bellingham and Fairhaven.  When you choose to move forward with and exam, we suggest that you bring in any applicable test that are important you your health problem (X-rays, MRI’s, lab test, etc). This will help the doctors in their investigation, and determine the best course of action.

During your exam the doctors will perform a series of orthopedic and neurological test to isolate certain imbalances in your health. Our advanced Chiropractic care incorporates Muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) as a diagnostic to help us uncover different aspects to the problem.  Our first visit is primarily on your need for chiropractic care and our holistic treatments are typically rendered on the initial visit.  As we discover more about your health we may incorporate other holistic treatments like nutritional and even emotion-based approaches (e.g. Neuro Emotional Techniques) to help you achieve long-lasting results instead of treating Chiropractic like a band-aid.

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident/work injury/ you’re wanting to use your health insurance, we would like you to come 20-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out the proper paperwork.  

This first visit will last approximately forty minutes to one hour depending on the depth of the problem.  Sometimes exams may take a bit longer for automobile/work related accidents/special cases.

Drs. Richard Tran and Michelle Hsu also work well with other practitioners in the community to ensure you are receiving the highest quality care. If your condition requires a team approach or is best helped by treatments other than their advanced chiropractic care, the Doctors will direct you to the help that is most likely to achieve you health goals.