Dr. Michelle Hsu DC

Dr. Michelle Hsu took an 180 degree turn during her study of pharmaceuticals and decided to become a part of a drug-free approach to health with POSITIVE side effects of HEALTH!

Nearing what Dr. Michelle initially thought would be the the later part of  her health education she experienced a health revelation. The math in her head just didn’t add up as she was studiously memorizing how Drug A for Condition A could cause Condition B, which would require Drug B, which would cause … etc etc. A common story nowadays – but not when Dr. Michelle decided to break away from conventional pharmaceutical and medicine approaches to health.

Dr. Michelle left Edmonton, Alberta ~ Canada on a journey to get a better answer to health than what she found was being taught at her University.

After having a successful patient orientated practice in San Diego, CA for many years, she decided to move from one end of the country to the other, Bellingham, WA, in order to be closer to the things that mattered most to her, family.

Their belief is that happy, *healthy* families build happy, healthy communities and for that reason they focus on being more than just a pain relief clinic. They have chosen to be a wellness clinic for everyone from the kids, parents and grandparents – but they just happen to know what to do when someone is in pain. =D

With their expertise in various chiropractic healing techniques, patients from both America and Canada have come to seek out their care and they invite all members of their community to come visit them.

Dr. Michelle specializes in children and women and has been certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association among various other associations.

Some of the different chiropractic techniques and approaches that she uses in practice are listed below:

Applied Kinesiology

[A.K.] Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique [B.E.S.T.] Diversified Technique
Drop Table Technique
Insight Subluxation Station [Infrared Thermography, Surface E.M.G Scans] Neuro Emotional Technique [N.E.T.] Reconnective Healing
Total Body Modication [T.B.M.]

Koren Specific Technique