Are you Fine or Misaligned?

In a recent showing of Grey’s Anatomy the episode featured Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)!  Because we practice this body response technique at Color Chiropractic, we would like to explain how the core concepts of NET might apply to your situation.  If you would like to view a video of the concepts discussed,click here.

Acute VS. Chronic Stress

One of the core concepts in chiropractic acknowledges the fact that negative stress can have negative impacts on your health.  Sometimes the stress you experience is acute. For instance, we’re sure that you can recall a time when an intense situation was pulling on you emotionally.  Perhaps it was a situation like…

  • -Speaking to a big group in public
  • -Meeting a deadline at work or
  • -Preparing yourself mentally for a competition. 

Although you are aware of the emotional state, you may or may not realize that your body is also responding to the stressful thought. Your pulse may be racing, blood pressure skyrocketing, breathing becomes more intense and your adrenal glands are pumping adrenaline through your body to prepare for a fight or to run away in fright. Now, because the situation is acute, the event passes and our body returns to a state of balance.  However, what happens if the stress continues to persist in your mind? Let’s take a different scenario.

In the Grey’s Anatomy episode, we found the patient was responding emotionally to his experiences with the military.  Many of us are aware of post-traumatic stress and we may even conclude that this is an acute stress. However, in this episode, the psychiatrist used the body’s responses to take the patient back to a past time when he experienced similar circumstances.  What the patient and doctor realized was that the patient’s stress was more chronic in origin and was magnifying how he was responding to his current circumstances. By identifying those circumstances, the patient had the awareness to uproot the stress and release that stress through the body.  As a result, the patient felt clearer to deal with his current issues instead of holding onto past patterns.

The Beauty of Neuro-Emotional Technique

NET provides a unique opportunity to explore and release emotional trauma from your past and present.  It was developed by Dr. Scott Walker, a chiropractor in Encinitas, California who observed that certain patterns could occur in the body when a person experienced a state of stress.  By helping the person identify the stress, he could help the body work through the trauma and clear the nerve system’s grasp to those patterns. As a result, the body not only became more relaxed, but was in a state where it was better able to heal and respond to the present instead of reacting to patterns of the past.  Dr. Walker also found that the patients receiving the treatment were able to overcome the trauma and start forming new patterns for their life. Since the 1980’s, thousands of NET practitioners throughout the world have helped people overcome issues ranging from eating disorders, learning disabilities, stress and even pain.  If you want to find out more about NET or see how it could help you,schedule a consult with us today.

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