Holistic Chiropractic Care for the Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is something we see daily in Chiropractic offices.

Although a majority of cases respond favorably to Chiropractic care, we personally feel that getting the spine aligned is only a piece of the puzzle. Factors that caused the lower back pain
need to be investigated in order to help the spinal adjustments to hold. This is where a
holistic chiropractor can help people you get even better results from Chiropractic care.

Repeat behaviors may be a contributing factor

For instance, take a moment and think about your daily life. If you take a step
back and think about the activities you do (Ex. picking up the baby, sitting most of the
day at or engaging repetitive activities), you may realize that most of the activities you
do are done in a flexed position. Many people who repeat these behaviors can end up
pulling their center of gravity ahead, rounding out the shoulders, and jutting the head
forward. If you were to exaggerate this posture and take a deep breath you would
realize that your breathing becomes shallow. The lack of oxygen not only robs you of
your energy, but the hunched posture and rounded shoulders can also make it harder
for food to settle into your stomach. Therefore, a person with a lower back problem, not
only develops lower back pain, but may also have/develop energy and digestive issues.

Now if you were to do the opposite to your body (bring the head up, shoulders back
and chest out with you spine standing tall and strong) you would realize that you not
only feel more balanced, but you can take deeper breaths and you even feel different.
Combine this with good Chiropractic care and exercises that stabilize your lower back
in different planes and you’re well on your way to a pain free quality of life. Check out
the three exercises that will be key to greater lower back stability.

A holistic approach to Chiropractic incorporates all aspects of a person’s body.
Read future blogs to know more on the Color Chiropractic’s holistic approach.

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