How to Incorporate Holistic Health with a Busy Lifestyle

A lot of us start and end our days in a rush. Throughout the day we find ourselves in a variety of roles as parents, students, employee/business owners, wives/husband and even holistic Chiropractors in Bellingham, Washington ;).  It can be overwhelming to think of health when we find ourselves preoccupied with all the things to get done. We know how you feel because we have the same challenges. However, as your partners in health, we can help you get it done.

Ways to Squeeze Health Into Your Day

One of our partners in nutrition, the Shaklee company, provides great resources to help you live a long, healthy and vibrant life.  In one of their articles, they wrote talks about 8 ways to squeeze healthy habits into your day.  We’ve chosen our top three that we implement in our lives to highlight healthy habits you can start implementing today.

  1. Move it:  Your body needs exercise as much as it needs food. We know that going to the gym daily requires a lot of time (add driving time to your exercise time, and hours of your day are gone). However, up in here in Bellingham, Washington there are plenty of options to enjoy even 15-30 minutes of healthy exercise.  If you want to get the most out of your exercise, learn to use a heart rate monitor.  Taking a walk or jog, biking to work or even short exercise programs on the internet can be ways to squeeze in your exercise time.
  2. Protein is your friend:  Protein helps you to feel full and provides your body with nutrients it needs to rebuild itself.  Normally when we think about protein, we think go meat, eggs, dairy and other animal-based sources.  Although this is important, plant proteins are also available to us in easy to digest forms that take less prep time.  Dr. Tran uses Shaklee’s Life Shake as a quick source of protein on the run.  It’s not only nutrient dense but is a special blend of proprietary plant-based protein helps him boost his energy levels, maintain a healthy weight and give his body what it needs for cellular repair.
  3. Make friends with the slow cooker:  Dining out can strain your budget and eating at a fast food restaurant can strain your health.  Most of the time, people are unaware of how this food is prepared and what has been added. Instead, we suggest using a slow cooker to prepare soups and stews.  Many recipes can be a convenient way of providing meals full of great nutrients. A slow cooker is also easy to fill in the morning and you will have a hot meal waiting when you return. Most soups also last a long time in the fridge and many can be frozen.

Making time for your health is a daily discipline. Be aware of the choices you’re making in your daily routine and do your best to make pro-active choices when possible.  We hope some of these suggestions take you closer to implementing those choices into your daily life. If you have other ideas on implementing health in your daily routine, share and leave your suggestions here.  We also welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions for future blogs.

In service,

Drs. Tran and Hsu

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