Why Would an Infant need Chiropractic Care?

In previous entries, we’ve discussed the benefits that expecting moms can have when incorporating chiropractic care during pregnancy.  Benefits such as: improved pregnancy outcomes and shorter delivery times with less medical interventions are common when women engage in holistic techniques like chiropractic to help ensure a smooth and safer pregnancy.  Although every birth is different, in this entry we want moms to recognize the importance of getting their child checked for spinal issues after the baby is born.

Spinal trauma birth is more common than you think

An article was written in the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association titled  “Why Chiropractic Care for Children?”   In it, the author discusses studies conducted by Dr. Viola Frymann, an osteopathic doctor who conducted research on more than 1,500 babies across an eight-year period. Dr. Fryman examined all the babies within the first five days of birth and found that 90 percent of newborns suffered the effects of birth trauma on the neck and skull.

This is not hard to believe when we consider potential complications that can arise during the birthing process.  Factors like…

  1. Very long labors
  2. The use of Pitocin to induce uterine contractions.
  3. Pulling or twisting of the head during delivery
  4. The use of forceps or other interventions can have impacts on the babies delicate little spines and impact their health in a variety of ways.

In fact, the article goes on further to show that; nursing difficulties

sleep disturbances, and an inability to be soothed and settled are all potential signs of spinal nerve stress in infants.

Signs that indicate an infant’s need for chiropractic care

If your child is experiencing the difficulties above, you may want to look for certain signs to see whether chiropractic can help. Note:  This is an abbreviated list.

  1. Is the child’s head tilting to one side even after you attempt to straighten it?
  2. Is your child having difficulty turning their neck to one side?
  3. Is your child having difficulty settling down or sleeping soundly?

Throughout our years in practice, we’ve had the privilege of working with moms and their infants during pregnancy and after birth.  Sometimes moms have reservations about their child being adjusted, but they soon realize that children are often not adjusted in the same way their parents are and once they start seeing their child’s symptoms improve, they warm up to our holistic approach very quickly.  If this article was insightful, consider getting the child checked by a chiropractor or schedule a free consultation  to find out if a holistic approach to chiropractic could help your child.

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